Episode Fourteen – Going South

This episode gets poetic, then it gets funny, and then it’s all over. Thanks for listening everybody. I know that you were entertained, and I hope that you have gained insight into life in the trades. I suppose that is why I took the time to write this book / podcast … but I’ll never be sure. Peace Out.

Episode Twelve – Missing the Turn

Now that I had a great crew, I had to keep them working, or they would leave me. But with this particular client, keeping us together at all costs was too expensive. I ignored the warning voices in my head, and now it was either get gone, or get sued.

Episode Two – Stiffed

My skills and my tool collection grew until I was known in the neighbourhood as ‘handy’. When the neighbourhood crazy lady offered to pay me to build her a fence, I jumped at the chance. Of course I should have known better … she didn’t pay me. Down the rabbit hole and into Small Claims Court!

Episode One – Coming Out

My first attempt at home reno was when I decided to install a bathtub all by myself. I had no tools and less experience, just an inexplicable drive to do the work myself. The installation was a disaster, but I learned a lot about plumbing – and about myself.